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You Asked About: Turning Stone

Donna asks…

What is the easist way to getting to Turning Stone Casino without a car?

I’m from New York City. I want to go visit Turning Stone Casino without having to drive.(don’t want to add mileage to my car plus gas is a killer) I want to know what is the second best way of getting there. Maybe something like Amtrak or some bus charter that would bring me there. Thank you in advance. Any advice would be nice.

Chas answers:

Go with some freinds and have everybody split up the cost, the average car cost about 50 cents per mile to operate when you factor in mileage, maintenance, and fuel, so go on mapquest, figure out how many miles, split the cost and plan the trip with a bunch fo freinds, im sure they will agree as the amount you woudl be askign them to pay woudl be very small and fair.

I dont know how true this is but i HEARD that there is talk of plans to build a railway from nyc direct to atlantic city sometime in the near future.

Asside form that idea, i really dont condone gambling if you cant afford to drive to the casino, while you might not lose, iv seen MANY MANNNY peopel stuck with no money to get home, it woudl be sad if you ended up as one of them.

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