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You Asked About: Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Laura asks…

have you ever followed a cheating spouse?

I haven’t caught my husband yet..but I know he is cheating..he goes on way to many buisness way different in bed and has new underwear that I found in his suitcase that he took on his last trip..I was thinking about having a Priviate eye..follow him to his buisness trip..what do u I nuts.I just want to find out, so I can move foward with my life..I did approach him and of course he said he is not cheating

Chas answers:

If you suspect that your husband is cheating then it sounds like he is. My ex husband had cheated on me with a woman that he was seeing from his A.A. Meetings. He was also wearing a different style of underwear and also wearing cologne to the meetings. Men who go to A.A. Meetings don’t go to meetings wearing cologne. He had also gotten the woman pregnant and we are now divorced.

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