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You Asked About: What Are The Signs My Wife Is Having An Affair

Richard asks…

Transferring my 92M wife to my base?

My wife is in AIT at Ft. Lee VA for 92M (Mortuary Affairs…reclassed, not her choice), until Nov. 4th. She has been told that there are only 2 duty stations for this MOS and that is in Hawaii, and staying at Ft. Lee. I am at Ft. Campbell in phase 2 training until April 13th. I am National Guard (wife is Active Duty) and my home is in Nashville so Ft. Campbell is a great location. We were hoping that she would be able to get Campbell as her duty station after her AIT, however it isn’t looking good for that. We signed up for the military army couples program, but it did not count for me as I am NG. However I am in the MACP system underneath my wife (have no idea what that means). So basically I just want to know if it’s possible to get her to Fort Campbell as her duty station. That way we are near our hometown and better jobs for my MOS (medical lab tech). I have heard that it’s possible to get 92m to specific units, but they have to be requested by the unit as there aren’t normally slots for that mos. I would think that they would need mortuary affairs specialists in the morgue at Blanchfield, or working in the casualty locater center at campbell. Any info or advice would be appreciated.

Chas answers:

Your wife got reclassed to 92M? That sucks. What a depressing job. Only an incredibly morbid person or someone who had no other choices would would pick it.

If they say there are only 2 possible spots, that means there is only 2 possible spots.

Its Taking Chance. I want to see that, but I only have streaming on netflix. I’ll have to suffice with The Messenger for now.

I’ve heard it is a really good movie. I’ll see if I can look around and find someone who has it. I will definitely endeavor to find a copy.

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