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You Asked About: What Is Cyberstalking

Joseph asks…


I was wondering if anyone knows what steps I need to take with a cyberstalking case. I am a musician and for the past year, I have been receiving emails from my website from the same anonymous person. The emails are harrassing, abusive, threatening and at times delusional. The reason it is anonymous is because the person is clicking on the “contact us” link on the site in order to send email to me. They have recently begun to send more email than usual, sounding more delusional and contacting through other links as well. All I have is the person’s IP address, which I got from my web server. I contacted the person’s ISP and they refuse to help me or even investigate, even though I have sent them copies of the email and let them know this is an ongoing thing. I am planning to fill out a police report in the morning. Is there a way to find out who this is or am I powerless over this if the ISP will not help me?

Chas answers:

A warrant could get the other person’s info from the ISP. However that isn’t foolproof. Not all connections are from private internet accounts. A really large percentage of IP addresses are cybercafes, paid hotspots, college accounts. Many of them can easily become untraceable. Worse if the person is trying to hide their home user account there are always both free and paid ways to do it. Are you willing to go after two or three layers of businesses that could be hiding the person’s identity?

Personally I would just employ a spam filter and ignore it if possible. Or if a spam filter won’t work, then have the webserver ban that IP address. He or she won’t be able to enter the website.

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