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You Asked About: What Is O’reilly

Donna asks…

Is O’Reilly helping or hurting people who want to keep Christmas the way it has been?

I think when he speaks about the war on Christmas he is actually causing people to have animosity that they didn’t have. I think Christmas was celebrated less this year than I have ever seen in my 50 years of life. What do you think the results are from O’Reilly bringing this up so much? He is concerned that people don’t want religion to be such a powerful thing & yet I think he is actually creating this problem by putting so much attention on it.

Chas answers:

This is nothing but a marketing ploy to commercialize Christmas.
It is a marketing tactic that attempts to appear something other than it is.
They want to claim there is some war on Christmas, because it keeps the listeners thinking about CHristmas, and buying from their advertisers. It would not have the same affect it they kept telling people… “don’t forget to buy everyone something for Christmas and spend your hard earned money buying Chinese made garbage from our sponsors.” Because it wouldn’t appeal very well to fiscal conservatives, and even the dumbest people would figure it out sooner or later what was going on.
So they hype the same idea from a different perspective. This way people who believe the hoopla think they are rejecting liberalism by buying more, and they also feel they are supporting Christianity by buying more. They really don’t even realize how their own faith is being used as a tool to manipulate them.

But I guess it takes studying logic, and marketing to realize the above.

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