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You Asked About: What To Do Attractions

Steven asks…

What do women think when a guy turns down sex/ hanging out with her to do other things?

I just met this gorgeous italian girl and all the dudes on campus basically like her. But she likes me why? because i know how to create attraction with her..she has been blowing my fone up for the past day or so trying to talk to me and get me to hang out. But i have been busy and Ive told her that..she asked me to come to her dorm room at 12.30 last night but i was out with friends and I told her i wasnt available.Do women get more attracted to men from that?

Chas answers:

Lol. All women are different. You can’t categorize all of us together. Stupid sluts LOVE assholes. They love what they think they can’t get. A self-respecting woman will laugh and run away from such a guy; she won’t waste her time.

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