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You Asked About: What To Do If You Suspect Your Wife Is Having An Affair

Chris asks…

What would you do if you thought or suspected your boss was attracted to you– on your new job?

I just started working for a great company two weeks ago. And I’m really excited about my new job — However my boss who btw is really handsome, Is a little hard to read. I suspect that he’s attracted to me by the way he looks at me. If I don’t react to his subtle suggestive behavior – will he fire me?
Help: What do you suppose I do…I really like my new job, and don’t want to jeopardize it?
Should I tell him I am attracted to him too, but would never pursue this type of relationship at work. Or flirt or come on time on the job. I am really not that type of person. Besides he’s married with children. I am not married and do not have children, but would never even consider having an affair with my boss.
Every time I walk into his office I notice the beautiful pictures of his wife; but I can’t look at them…it just makes me feel really bad. One night working late in the office my boss — while no other employees were around – My boss walks slowly pass my desk and groans sexually like he’s was getting off!

Is this just all in my head, or is this some type of weird office attraction?
Should I give it a few more weeks to decide if it’s really an attraction, because maybe he was just tired because it was late???

Or maybe he just looks at everyone the way he looks at me like he’s having some type of deep thought? Is it I who is crazy or what’s really going on here?

Chas answers:

A wealthy man sees a very attractive woman at a party and asks her if she will have sex with him for a million dollars.

She agrees.

He then asks her if she will have sex with him for twenty-five dollars.

She becomes indignant, slaps his face and asks, “What do think I am?”

He replies,”We’ve already established that, we’re negotiating the price!”

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