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You Asked About: What To Do If You Think Your Wife Is Having An Affair

George asks…

I read my husband’s email and found an email from an ex-girlfriend. I think they had an affair in the past yr.

I believe the affair may have been one night last year. The most recent email was a few months ago and seemed like they had not talked in a while. They both acknowledge they have feelings because of their past relationship.

She said “I want you in my life, but did not want to end up where we or I was last time, but not for the wrong reasons or motives – specifically you are not happy with your wife.”

Right now I am less concerned about the affair and more concerned about him being unhappy in our marriage. We have been talking about having kids, we have been married 7 years and have a great life, at least that is what I thought.

Do I confront my husband? I know if I do, I will loose his trust.

Chas answers:

Loose HIS trust???????

Yikes! He cheated woman……………

You really need to reconsider the whole children thing. A child WILL NOT save your marriage………..

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