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You Asked About: Whats Cheating And What’s Not

Steven asks…

Are you guilty of sleep cheating? Whats your Sun/ Mars/Venus?

Sleep cheating meaning do you have sex with other people and not your partner in your sleep? Is this wrong to do if one does? What’s your perspective? Don’t forget your Sun/ Mars/Venus. Im a Libra/ Mars in Scorpio/Venus in Scorpio and yes I do sleep cheat and I feel awful about it but can’t stop doing it.

Chas answers:

Libra tends to punish themselves sometimes for things that are perfectly fine.
They get too caught up in what’s right and such cuz “Venus” is their ruler.
Plus they’re an air sign and seeking balance and right answers. They could argue with themselves all day.. Almost so similar to Virgo but not.
At some point it becomes a little too “Watchful” to be so concerned with sleep cheating. You or your partner probably can’t help it. If anything that’s what trust is for..
I used to be concerned with sleep cheating or being sleep cheated on, I had control of my dreams to some extent where I would actually not sleep with anyone in my dream if I was going out with someone!! But seriously if you can’t help it then whatever, be free!!
Aries sun, venus, mars
three planets in Libra!: jupiter, saturn, pluto

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