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You Asked About: When Your Spouse Has An Affair

Maria asks…

Why blame the other party when your spouse has an affair?

I see it all the time.

“My husband has had an affair and the woman is a s!ut etc” or
“My wife is screwing an a$$hole bloke”

Why do people think the other person is responsible for their spouse choosing to shag them?

It doesn’t matter if they know the person is married, has kids or whatever.

The spouse is the guilty one – right?
I think it’s a denial thing.
How could your lovely loving hub/wife ever do that to you?
It has to have been that they were coerced by this other person.
Thats not the case though…we are all responsible for our own actions.

Chas answers:

I agree with you 100%. I’ve always been puzzled by the same thing. The married person who cheated is the responsible party. It seems like women especially like to go after the mistress instead of getting rid of the cheating husband. I think you’re right. They don’t want to admit that it was the husbands idea….it had to be the slut. I guess it makes them feel somewhat better but it’s only denial. Each person makes a decision to go through with it. Even if someone was an incredible flirt we all have free will & should be able to control ourselves in these situations. I mean come on, we’re not animals. Excuses, excuses. The easy way out.

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