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You Asked About: Wife Quotes

Robert asks…

I am an army fiance and i want to put cute army/army wife quotes around the house any ideas?

Im going to cut them out in vinyl and hang them around the house but i cant think of many right now.
Anyone know of anything.
Im asking for anything to do with the army and being a family in the army or being an army fiance/wife.

Im also making a scrapbook of our life so any quotes for that??

Chas answers:

The only one that comes to mind is the one about how one spouse might actually be in the army, but both really are.
Army wives, army brats. Expected to pick up and follow the career army spouse on a moments notice. And as in every job, the rank of the spouse means a lot, gee, at some bases, officers wives still show up at each others house for tea, or go to the door with their personal card and regrets if they are unable to go.
My Mom’s family were all military, got to go see most of them. All were officers. Hard to wait back home when the spouse is in harm’s way.
Good luck to you, and your fiance, sorry I could not be of more help.

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