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You Asked About: Zodiac Signs

John asks…

zodiac signs?

most of us say the characteristic parts of our zodiac signs descriptions are true. would we say this is if our descriptions were switched with other signs‘? in other words,do we really just say the descriptions fit us because we unconsciously want them to? or do all of the descriptions fit us?

Chas answers:

Horoscope columns just deal with generalities of the sun sign. A REAL horoscope chart is calculated uniquely for each person and no two people have the same chart. REAL astrology is a lot more complicated and each person has 3 different signs, a sun sign is based on birth date, a rising sign based on the birth time, (hour and minute), and the moon sign based on birth date and time. A person’s sun sign characteristics are modified depending on their rising and moon signs along with other factors. A REAL horoscope chart calculates the placement of the planets when you were born, the signs they were in and the houses they fall into in your natal chart, (which has 12 houses and rules different areas of your life), along with the aspects each planet makes to other planets and important angles of your chart. This gives you your natal chart that tells about you specifically, your looks, personality, abilities, family, spouse etc.

Predictions are based on the positions of your natal planets in comparison to transits. Transits are where the planets are located on the current day and the aspects they make to your natal planets and houses of your birth chart.

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