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Welcome To ‘NewsTalk Radio’ Listeners!

We’re very happy to welcome listeners to Tom Dunne’s chat show on NewsTalk Radio, Ireland’s premier talk radio station. Clive from the Cheatcatcher office got the call for a quick chat and was happy to oblige!

I hope Clive gave you an insight into the many shenanigans the WWW now allows anyone with a PC to get up to and the ways to catch ’em at it – if you’ve a mind too!

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I Cheat But Don’t Know Why?

Here’s what Tim had to say to me recently:

“I’m cheating on my wife but don’t know what to do!”

Tim’s in an especially difficult position because his wife doesn’t know ( but Tim wants to confess to ‘start afresh’ )… unfortunately his girlfriend WANTS him to tell his wife so they (girlfriend and Tim) can be a legit couple! Wow! Complicated!

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My Partner Loves A Virtual Reality Avatar?

One of our neighbors spent most of the last year confined to her home, seemingly tied to her computer, spending all of her time online and engaged in the cyber reality place called Second Life.

I admit that I became a little curious as to the attraction of this massively popular ‘game’…

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How to Catch an Online Cheat

So you have been observing your partner for a while and you are becoming more and more convinced that they are having an online affair or indulging in some form of online activity that you consider damaging to your relationship.

Good News: Catching an online cheat can be done pretty simply unless your partner is a techno wiz…

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Classic Computer Infidelity Behavior

Any drastic or sudden change in a partner’s behavior towards you should naturally be a cause of concern, but there are specific behaviors that are more likely to indicate that your partner is engaging in computer infidelity.

While a sudden lost of sexual interest can be the result of numerous possibilities, the general desire not to be near you, not to cuddle, not to engage with you on any physical sense is a definite warning sign.

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What is ‘Emotional’ Infidelity?

Hearing that your cheating spouse is “in love” with someone else is devastating.

I hear often, “I can handle her having sex with someone else. I think I can live with that. But, for her to give herself emotionally and “love” someone else…man, that is hard.”

BTW: Feel free to substitute the word ‘he’ for ‘she’ in this article.