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How to Catch an Online Cheat

So you have been observing your partner for a while and you are becoming more and more convinced that they are having an online affair or indulging in some form of online activity that you consider damaging to your relationship.

Good News: Catching an online cheat can be done pretty simply unless your partner is a techno wiz…

If you are ready to start gathering your evidence and want to proceed, you need to consider a few basic things before you get started.

Online cheating usually requires at least a little bit of online savvy.

Your partner may have been internet incompetent just a year ago, but there are more than enough resources out there for them to learn how to cover their tracks fairly well in a very short time.

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The thing about internet cheating is that it is actually impossible to cover up completely. When you delete an email or close out a chat window or even erase your history, there is still a small electronic fingerprint left behind somewhere on the computer. Unless your partner wipes their hard drive clean after every internet liaison, you will be able to find your evidence. 

Some suspicious partners simply ask their other halves about their online activities until there is no way out except the truth. Others ask their partner for their email password and condemning if they don’t get it. 

Of course, there is something to be said for ‘keystroke loggers’ and spyware that can tell you exactly what has been going on on the computer while you are off doing something else. These programs are designed to be discreet and they offer the user a chance to spy undetected on an online cheat. Some programs become difficult to use with certain high end security programs. My computer is guarded like Fort Knox simply because I do my banking online and I need to know that I am relatively safe. If you install a general spyware on my laptop, my security program will pick it up and sound the alarm. 

Keystroke loggers are less detectable and can usually be installed unless your partner has a few definite versions of specific security software running. Of course, this software is not difficult to disable. You simply go into the program and shut it off.

Read the fine print of the company you are purchasing your keystroke logger or your spyware from. If your credit card statement is going to come back to you and your partner with Keystroke Loggers Are Us on it, the chances of it being a successful endeavor are rather slim. Most companies understand that you are looking into an online cheat and you need a little discretion on your credit card statement.

Be sure that you are prepared for the worst before you install a program that is going to confirm what you already know. You might find that you have been portrayed as some sort of horrific monster to help justify the affair, or that your partner is very good at lying to both you and the competition. Whatever you are about to find out, you need to be prepared to deal with it. How you choose to respond is up to you but you will most likely.

Sniper Spy

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