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Online cheating – brothels on the web!

Once upon a time , if your husband wanted to have sex with somebody else, he’d be looking to have an affair right?

But with an affair comes responsibilities, financial and emotional – not everybody’s cup of tea! For many men the answer has always been to pay a visit to someone practising the ‘oldest profession’ – a quick bit of hanky panky with no commitments, for the cost of a day trip to Disneyland at the top end of the market, but often a lot less at the lower end. NOW ARRANGED ONLINE…

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Cheating online – the strippers

Online strippers – woh! Is your hubby a regular visitor?

Stage #2 of the Cheatcatcher’s trawl through the seamy side of the internet!

Years ago there were chat rooms where titillation ran riot but today with Hi-Speed internet access, Broadband or whatever you want to call it, we can do it all on live video now. Live webcams are the new online brothels where so called cyber sex often takes place…