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Is an Emotional Affair the Same as Cheating?

In this ever-changing world, it seems that even the terminology of old is taking on new context. It used to be that the idea of cheating was something that was black and white. In today’s society, there is now a grey area known as an emotional affair.

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My Partner Loves A Virtual Reality Avatar?

One of our neighbors spent most of the last year confined to her home, seemingly tied to her computer, spending all of her time online and engaged in the cyber reality place called Second Life.

I admit that I became a little curious as to the attraction of this massively popular ‘game’…

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Is Your Partner Having An Online Affair?

There is a growing trend among apparently committed couples these days. The increase in cybersex relationships and online affairs is actually at disturbing numbers.

While there are varying definitions that determine what actually constitutes an affair or cybersex, the websites that promote this type of ‘hooking up’ are not all that discreet…